Rahul Manaklal Chopda

Since the inception, Chopda industries have covered up to 48,00,000 sq.ft. roofing area. Chopda Industries never believed working in boundaries. It is always willing to operate efficiently all over India and abroad through its wide range of product line.

                Battling against all odds, Rahul Manaklal Chopda has carved a niche for himself in the highly competitive plastic industry and today he is known as a doyen of polymer industry.  He is a mechanical engineer by profession having done an MBA in Material Management and Export Management from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai. He is into the polymer industry since past 10-11 years but his journey is not that easy. He began to work in small scale industry at Satpur at Shridutta Industries for two years. But after some time, he started his own industry in 1999 in partnership. They produced Seat Frames and supplied to Mahindra and Mahindra. Soon they started production of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) sheets. In 2001 they got a tender of Rs 29 lakhs from the Garden development department of the Nashik Municipal Corporation. Unfortunately, the partners fell apart and left the firm to Rahul. Now he had to complete the contract on his own. But he did not lose heart and completed the project in time.

                Rahul Chopda`s family is basically from Vani, a small town village in Dindori Taluka of Nashik district. Rahul is a family man. His

father Manaklal R Chopda is a renowned child specialist in Nashik while mother Ranjana M Chopda is a housewife. Wife Shital Rahul Chopda, herself from a renowned business house, is actively involved in the industry. He has a joint family and they are like an army always backing Rahul in his decisions.

                How Chopda industry came into existence is an interesting story.  Since his childhood Rahul was very good in Mathematics and arts, and since then he decided to pursue his career s efficient solutions, well trained  experienced engineering qualified personnel’.  Without them it was hard for the industry to grow in engineering.  His father provided him necessary inspiration and moral support. And this is how Chopda Industries came to existence. In 2002, he started his Chopda Industry by the money that he saved from his projects done earlier. Chopda Industries is backed with Rahul’s efficient solutions, well trained experienced engineering qualified personnels’.  Without them it was hard for the industry to grow.

he saved from his projects done earlier. Chopda

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