Mr. Deodhar

Pravi Auto Swing Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of gas springs that we have in the country today. Pravi Auto Swing Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 1988 in Satara and over the past 25 years, the company has developed expertise in designing gas springs for wide variety of applications.

                When Ravi Deodhar along with a colleague started Pravi Auto Swing Pvt. Ltd, both of them had a job experience of thirteen years. This certainly worked out to be an added benefit for them as they plunged to manufacture and sell a product that was completely unheard of in those days. 

                Today, with an 8.62 crore turnover (for F.Y. 12 – 13), Deodhar, Chairman and Managing Director of Pravi Auto Swing Ltd, is quite a content man. “We began at a time when the concept of gas spring was novel.  I travelled all over India and went door-to-door for marketing; it was more of a concept selling exercise than product selling,” said Ravi Deodhar.

                “Our first bank loan was at 17% interest per annum which we repaid within six months,” he smiles.

                Pravi Auto Swing Pvt. Ltd. got its first order in 1988 from a customer who previously used to import gas springs. From 1988 to 1991 the company kept growing slowly but things changed drastically post liberalization. “The import duty during the pre-liberalization period was 320% which subsequently went down after 1991. The crunch in the availability of foreign exchange and at the launch of certain products helped to improve the utility aspect of gas springs in the market. This certainly worked in our favour," mentions Ravi Deodhar.   

                TELCO (now Tata Motors Ltd.) and Atlas Copco were the first among their big clients. Talking about clients, Deodhar fondly recalls his initial days, “Officials at TELCO expressed their desire to get their gas-spring manufactured and engineered by us with the objective of making the applications more affordable. With their advice we went ahead and started manufacturing affordable gas springs.”

                “Today Pravi has a diverse customer base spread across India, Korea, U.A.E, Singapore and USA,” he added.


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