Hemant Lodha

SMS Envocare Ltd. works towards environment sustainability and offers qualitative and effective waste and hazardous waste management solutions to organizations across all sectors.

                The onus of waste management is not of just one individual or of an organization but is a collective one. Recognizing the need for an effective waste management mechanism, SMS Group set up SMS Envocare in 2004. SMS Envocare has an expertise in management of waste and hazardous waste, providing overall solutions for scientific treatment & disposal of various types of wastes (solid as well as liquid) with latest eco-friendly technologies.

Effective waste management is the need of the hour

                Talking about the need for waste management on the occasion of World Environment Day, Hemant Lodha who is the Managing Director of SMS Envocare,  emphasizes on the fact that it is the urban spaces and metro cities that need waste management more vis-à-vis the rural areas. “With growing industrialization and growing consumption in urban spaces, the per capita waste generation is more. The more luxuries, the more is the waste and larger is the need for waste management. In the rural areas, it is the lack of resources that eventually leads to optimum utilization of resources in the rural areas thus leading to less amount of waste generation,” he explains. At SMS, they follow a 3R mantra for waste management – Reduce Consumption, Re Use and Recycle. Explaining the need for a waste management plan, Mr. Hemant says “Effective waste management is not the responsibility of only one body. It is a collective effort. We need a concrete plan for waste management, the absence of which is bound to cause a nuisance in our daily life,” he concludes.

Serving happy customers!

                SMS Envocare has entered into a legal contract with the MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) and MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) for waste management along with KMDA(Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority). They also provide services to leading players in every sector. The company has created a monopoly for itself in the last few years and have exceeded beyond their customers’ expectations. “In a free market with several players, the level of customer satisfaction is high, since the customer has many options to choose from

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