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Building Completion

Regarding Building Completion Certificate of Factory buildings in MIDC's industrial areas, the following documents are required for scrutiny.

  • Completion Certificate in Appendix-J from Architect or Licensed Surveyor.
  • Structural Stability certificate by Structural Engineer.
  • Undertaking of allottee on letterhead for providing 24-hrs.water storage.
  • Factory Inspector's approval or undertaking on stamp paper of Rs.20/-
  • Food & Drug Authority's approval (if applicable.)
  • Explosive Department's approval (if applicable.)
  • Consent / N.O.C. from M.P.C.B. for Air and Water.
  • Provisional NOC from CFO & FA of MIDC for high rise buildings and hazardous industry having fire hazards & fire risk
  • No dues certificate from Water Billing section of MIDC.
  • Xerox copy of receipt for payment of Development charges & Scrutiny fee
  • Certificate in Form B from Architect/ License surveyor.
  • Letter of Extension of time limit from the Regional Officer. Pune (if applicable)

The Application will be treated valid for obtaining completion certificate of (building only if the allottee/ Architect or Licensed Surveyor/Engineer (appointed by the allottee) furnishes the required documents as above.

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